woensdag 12 december 2012


Ok. I confess. I haven’t written, or even thought about, the blog in four months. Sometimes the thought of writing a post would stick it's head around the corner in my mind, but it would quickly be chased away with an annoyed little voice saying “I’m too busy”, “I’m too lazy” or “I just don’t feel like it”.
The reason? Sometimes it’s just not worth writing about daily life. Cuz yes, even if you live up side down, life is just “life”.
Have things changed a lot in the months after my last blogpost? Not really, although I did quit my job (wanted to have more time to have more fun ;-)(with less money unfortunetely) ).
Uni wasn’t on the top of my list (sorry mum and dad), I’d rather go to the zoo, the horse races, Parklife (a Melburian festival), the beach, the city, party or just chill out with all those amazing newfound friends. Having a great time was still on the top of my list. 

In september, on the first to be precise, I celebrated my first birthday on the other side of the world - and it was amazing, from beginning to end! Starting off with a birthdaycake, at a random houseparty, at 00:00, moving on to a delicous hangover-curing brunch the next morning, with topnotch chilling in the city during the day, and then topping it off with a hughe birhtday party at night... It was a blast (as some can remember their hangover to be, too ;-))!

But in my chill-breaks, I actually also had to work for uni, and in November I even had exams (which I passed, thank you very much)!
Before the exams though, we had “spring break”. Me and 5 good friends decided to go to Sydney, cuz you can’t go wrong with Sydney, and we had such a good time!

Another thing that was starting to cross my mind was “where to go travelling after the exams, and with who?” The where to decision was made quite quickly, cuz if you haven’t done the East Coast, you’ve missed a BIG part of the beauty that Oz really is. The with who was also a no brainer – the main factor being that they’d have to be people who had the same travel plans.
So I ended up making those plans with two German guys (Germans, really!),  D. and N., to travel down the East Coast in nine weeks, starting in the North in Cairns, and going all the way back to Melbourne. So exciting to make those plans, we couldn’t wait!
I’ll tell you more about how the travelling is working out in a second post...

Something less exciting was the thought of actually having to leave everyone behind. We were, as I say so myself, a really tight group of exchange students, and the amount of fun, parties and good times we had is countless, and unforgettable. Therefore we even had FIVE farewell parties in the last weeks, simply because we’re not that good (and we just didn’t want to) at saying goodbye, fo real.
But to all good things come to an end, so after the last (emotional) goodbye, it was really time to part our ways... With an exciting Nine weeks of heaven and happiness ahead!


zondag 19 augustus 2012


20 days after my last post, I finally have time again to update you guys about my ever-exciting Melburian life. The epitome of exciting being: Assignments.

That's mainly why I'm writing my blogpost now. (Mum, dad, don't judge me!)

So, what does one do when having a day off, and when supposed to work for school?

- One decorates the room in every way possible:

- One paints nails whilst checking fashion blogs, mainly to satisfy sartioral hunger since spending money is an issue:

- One draws fake tattoo's on wrist, mainly to satisfy the urge to get a tattoo but being too much of a wuss to actually do it:
(but still loving it so much, would this be a yes or a no for you guys? [again: mum, dad, don't judge me])

- One makes blogposts where talking about oneself in 3rd person.
This feels awkward. I'll stop now.

So, what have I been doing while life drags along here, except from being an excellent student?
I have been...

- Partying:

(yes, subway-escalator parties are also a thing here)

- strolling about the lovely suburbs Melbourne has to offer:

- Going to gigs and discovering awesome new bands, like Nebraskatak (look'em up!), an amazing youngster-band with lots of potential:

- Going to the pet store, because of the obvious lack of pets at the student village, except for Boots, the Student Village cat (who has the laborious task of getting cuddles from 300 students - a day):

- Going to see the Bourne Legacy, which upset me so much (spoiler alert - the ending sucks) that I HAD to see the first 3 Bourne movies again just to restore my faith in the trilogy.

- And finally, saving the best for last: Going to the footy game! Not that the Western Bulldogs were owning it (they got completely destroyed by the Sydney Swans, but that's not the point here), but it was an event everyone has to experience when in Australia!

- Oh, I also randomly got a job at the Melbourne Central Lion Hotel, an awesome pub with amazing food, swinging music and a relaxed atmosphere (no i'm not getting a payraise for saying this), so hopefully spending money won't be too much of an issue anymore soon (Sass&Bide, Ksubi and Bec&Bridge: HERE I COME - those are Australian brands, for the record)

So. That was it for today, I don't have any excuse anymore to procrastinate my readings, and to be honest, it's not that bad, I'm gonna study how to influence and manipulate people to acchieve my own personal goals. SO MUCH FUN!

Speak soon(-er or later)! (At least i will, in this case)

zondag 29 juli 2012


Hi ladies and gents,

So sorry about the lack of updates again, but honestly, get used to it, cuz life is so much fun here that I just don't have the time to sit down and ramble about it.
But there's one story that's worth telling, and that's the Great Ocean Road trip we did last week with a bunch of internationals. It was LEGEND - wait for it... - DARY!
Taking place at Lorne, one really cute little coastal town at the beginning of the famous Great Ocean Road, we had 3 days of mad fun, breathtaking bush-&coastal walks, surfing, playing Aussie football and drinking games (both very Australian), and chilling.
Oh, and meet Angry Bird, our very own mascot throughout the trip!

 Of course it's not only fun an games here, I go to school too, you know. Uni started one week ago, but with only classes on tuesday and wednesday, I can say with a sigh of relief that it's actually a whole lot of fun. Taking only business and management classes, I hope I'll learn a lot about managing people and businesses, getting an insight in organisational psychology and maybe even be able to set up a business at the end of the semester.(ok that last one might be a bit ambitious but one can only dream, right?)

But, back to the fun, what can i say more? Only that the parties are getting more and more awesome,  the amazing people keep piling up and the weather is better than in Belgium (and will only get even better from now on since spring is around the corner (almost))...

And make sure to check out my video from the trip HERE! :)

Talk soon! x